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Welcome to our Home Equity mortgage application site

If you have a large expense coming up and need to find the right funding, use the equity you've built in your home to secure a low interest loan. Meijer Credit Union offers both fixed term Home Equity loans and Home Equity Line of Credit loans. Both feature competitive rates and a variety of flexible term options. Home improvement, college tuition, or major purchases - you can do it with Meijer CU on your side.

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Today's Rates
Today's loan rates
Home Equity 5 Year Fixed
Interest Rate4.240%Discount Points0APR5.523%Payment Amount$185
Home Equity 10 Year Fixed
Interest Rate4.490%Discount Points0APR5.171%Payment Amount$104
Home Equity 15 Year Fixed
Interest Rate5.240%Discount Points0APR5.718%Payment Amount$80
Home Equity Line of Credit
Interest Rate5.000%Discount Points0APR5.000%Payment Amount$100

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